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Infared Thermography is playing an increasingly important role in the prevention and control of visually undetectable maintenance problems. This technology allows us to detect overloaded circuits, faulty or high resistance connections, damaged fuses and clips and a wide variety of other defective electrical components before they can cause expensive property/equipment damage or production losses. Thermographic imagery can also help to eliminate the risk of human injury or even worse, loss of a life. A certified professional thermography technician can provide your business with a proactive, cost effective way to reduce costs and risk.

Using a predictive maintenance program can save 30 – 40% over a traditional reactive maintenance approach to equipment breakdowns and electrical failures

Average return on investment of 10:1

  • Elimination of equipment/electrical failures and breakdowns
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Increased production
  • Lower insurance costs

If used regularly, infared thermography can predict and eliminate over 70% of breakdowns before they happen!


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What is seen by the naked eye.

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What a Thermography Scan finds.

  • CONVENIENCE – Electrical panels and equipment are checked during operation so the power in the building doesn’t get interrupted. Also finding the problem before it finds you.
  • INSPECTION COST SAVINGS – Large quantities of equipment can be scanned in a short period of time. We take a thermal image of the whole object getting surveyed and with extremely accurate non-contact temperature readings. With old technology the operator would have to be in contact with the heat source and check each and every wire.
  • FAULTS – Problem areas are pinpointed and documented so maintenance personnel can be redirected where they are most needed at pre-determined times. With advanced notice, your team can order and have all necessary parts available for scheduled fixes versus dealing with unexpected breakdowns during peak production time.
  • SAFETY – 30% of all fires are electrical, so finding faulty electrical components greatly reduces fire hazards or an injury to employees.
  • INSURANCE COMPLIANCE – Our scanning services can ensure that your company is conforming with certain insurance requirements for regular maintenance and safety inspections and in some cases can even help to qualify for additional underwriting credits at renewal time.


      Commercial Applications  

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What is seen by the naked eye.

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What a Thermography Scan finds.

  • Verify the building envelope and detect air leak
  • Inspect flat roofs for water infiltration
  • Detect moisture to avoid mold problems
  • Identify electrical problems
  • Preventive Maintenance

There is a constantly changing electrical load that can cause expansion and contraction in turn cause electrical and water connections to work loose. Electrical components have many different types of metallic surfaces connected together that expand and contract at different rates which can accelerate loosening.

Having a major component fail can effectively shut down your production while you wait for repairs. With thermal imaging we can take one image that covers the entire panel or equipment of concern and give extremely accurate temperature readings. If there is a fault additional images can be taken for analysis.

An electrical survey by Heat Locators is the most cost effective predictive maintenance program you can do for your electrical system and components. What typically takes a crew of electricians a week to do; we can do in less than two days, and with no interruptions in your daily operations.


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What is seen by the naked eye.

Copyright: Heat Locators
What a Thermography Scan finds.


Heat Locators is helping local government agencies save money by:

  • Helping them avoid asset failure.
  • Eliminating unnecessary maintenance.
  • Providing budget forecasting by predicting the life span of assets.

Faced with tightened budgets, limited resources and increased population expectations for the quality and availability of services, local government agencies are under intense pressure to gain more value and usability from what they have.

In response to these challenges many public officials are seeking new ways to minimize unexpected equipment failure, plan maintenance cost, manage operation and repairs during planned downtime.
Over the years federal, state and municipal governments have developed different approaches for keeping their assets up and running on a budget. Today, many proactive agencies are relying on predictive maintenance to go beyond the guess work of traditional methods.

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